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We are a family of five, living at Stranden Gård - at the westcoast of Norway. The region we are living in is called Sør-Trøndelag, or more specific: Fosen

This little community we live in, Fevåg, is known for its beautiful nature, and great sunsets in the summertime. From old times, people in Fevåg has been living of agriculture and fishing. Nowadays only a few of the inhabitants of Fevåg work with primary productions. 

But the fish is still in the sea, and the beautiful nature is surrounding us. In addition to lending out summerhouse and Bobcat digger, we run our farm. We find it important to keep the fields green, and make Fevåg a place for living, not only in the summertime - but through the whole year.

Stranden is an old family-farm. It has been built up through several generations. Cattles have allways been important on this farm. Most of the time by producing milk. The latest years by producing beef - meat.


Charolais cattle - and chickens are our major income-source. We really like to work with the cattle! The calves get to stay with their mothers from birth and until their mother is going to have another calv. This production is called nursing - cattles?  Most important in this production is that the cows and calves are having good lifes. If the calv is going to grow and feel comfort, we need to let it stay with its mother so it can get free feding of milk. In addition it is good for the cattle to be out on the fields.  In the summertime they stay outside as much as they pleases.  

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Newborn                                Summertime

A happy life combined with good heritage materials of the stock means good quality meat


The chickens we are feeding are delivered to Prior. You can find them in the grocerystore with the label of Prior on the package.

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Ecological oat

This year will be the first year we make proper ecological products on our farm. We have been going through  the elementary  years you have to take to make a change from conventionally to ecological farming.

We now produce ecological oat and ecological grass on our farm. 220 daa is sanctionned by the norwegian controllorganisation Debio.


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Spring- 2005


                   Massey Ferguson 6290



Wild cheeps    


We started with five - just for fun! But with the lambs this spring there will be about 30 of this very cosy kind of cheep. Norwegian wild cheeps are the kind of cheeps the vikings used to keep. It is the anchetor of most of the different breeds of cheeps in Norway. They are very social and interested in what we are doing. They are really fun to work with!

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